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Grammar Bootcamps

You know a lot of English vocabulary and words but keep making simple grammar mistakes. Our grammar bootcamp delivers the basics in the most efficient time and teaches you the most important things effectively. Each session focuses on a specific problematic area, like tenses or sentence construction.
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Experience English

All the essentials in one class – without the boring textbook routine and drills. Perfect your English pronunciation and expression using texts and scripts to experience using English in imagined situations and live the language!


Why learn with Expressive World?

Connect with the World

Even at ASEAN meetings, English is used between ASEAN countries that speak Tagalog, Thai, Lao, Bahasa, Khmer, Vietnamese and more. This is true regionally, and globally. English is no longer a “natives” only language. Connect with people all over the world, in any continent because this is the most widely spoken language in the world today.

Scenario Based Training

Our programmes will use situations and scenarios to convey learnings. If we are teaching you Business English for Meetings, expect plenty of role plays and scenarios for you to “live” the lessons. We can work with you to develop situations to match your experience.

Get More than Technical Skills

Language connects people, so you need to know how and when to use your vocabulary, and understand the different contexts. For example, WHEN YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS IT CAN SOUND AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING INSIDE THE READER’S HEAD. Did you know that?

Become Informed

Through our materials which will draw from current affairs and developments, you will learn more than the language skills. You will be updated and stay in the know of all issues that matter in today’s business climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the profile of your clients?

Our clients are young graduates and working professionals who already have some English knowledge and simply want to polish it and take it further. This is not an IELTS / Academic English programme although courses like Grammar Refresher could benefit anyone. Our programmes are meant for people who speak and understand reasonably good English, but still repeat Grammar mistakes or who need specialised English for the workplace. 

I just want to get better at English, and have no technical needs. Is there a course for me?

Yes, the Grammar Bootcamp is suitable for you. It addresses common mistakes most people who didn’t grow up in an English speaking environment make. 

Do you conduct in person classes?

Right now, due to Covid-19, all classes are online. However, do keep an eye out for in person worshops in Singapore and other cities in the coming months. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the Blog.

Do I need special equipment for your online classes?

Only a computer, web camera, audio and a stable wifi / internet connection. Classes are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet. 

How big are your class sizes?

In person, our class sizes are capped to 10 people because we like the close interaction, and we find that small sizes facilitate better learning. It also depends on the type of class you are taking. We take in up to 20 for our online classes.

We can customise a course for you!

Good, clear writing skills are becoming increasingly important as businesses transition online. Describing what you do? Explaining what you sell? How do you source your products? Designing a brochure for your company?

We can help you think through content, and find the best ways to express these ideas in your communications.

We can also train you in creating compelling PowerPoint presentations, writing good business materials and creating compelling social media marketing posts.

 Our focus is on clear communications. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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