A fresh pair of eyes to clean up your writing and refresh tired words.  

You don’t have to do it alone!

Proofreading and Language Enhancement Services

  • Correcting grammatical, spelling, punctuation and typing errors
  • Reducing repetition for clear, concise and direct writing
  • Improving formatting for readability
  • Ensuring that the written work has a logical flow
  • Making words come alive by infusing tone, style and flair
  • Simplifying language to be understood by different language abilities
  • Checking for the use of accurate and appropriate words

Who Needs Proofreading?

  • Academics or researchers who produce papers
  • Educators who produce curriculum, case studies, training briefs etc
  • Content creators for websites, blog posts etc
  • Students who need to submit a thesis or assignments (which are not graded on English language ability)
  • Small and medium business owners who produce in-house web copy and promotional materials
  • Writers
  • Anyone who needs to produce a piece of work in English, and who needs help polishing the language 

Proofreading Rates

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