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Adopting a cat is humane, but choosing to adopt 2 cats is an enlightened decision. The caveat being you recognise that keeping cats can be a 15-20-year lifelong commitment, in sickness and in health, till death do you part, and you are financially able and willing to invest time and care to upkeep both cats.

At ARKC, we recommend adopting not one, but two cats if you can afford to. Here are 5 good reasons to adopt 2 cats, or add to your single cat household.

1. A cat’s social life!

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be social. Many compare cats to dogs and think that just because cats are not as social as dogs, cats really dig the solo lifestyle. Have you ever watched two cats play chase and tumble with each other? It’s a delight, guaranteed to lower stress levels and bring joy to your inner child.

Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

2. A ”safer” household

Your household belongings might be safer! When your kitties are not lounging around they will probably be absorbed with each other and care less about chewing on wires, scratching the furniture or pushing things off tables.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

3. Spend less time grooming

You will have less grooming to do. No kidding! Cats who bond will groom each other and help each other clean the hard to reach places like behind the ears, and the back of heads so you won’t have to clean their faces and ears as much.

Photo by Ayelt van Veen on Unsplash

4. Two’s company, truly

Your companion deserves a companion too. Animals do get lonely and can display separation anxiety (eg, scratching, chewing, mewing, or being excessively clingy). Do seriously consider having2 cats to keep each other company.  It will be more fun and the more the merrier!

Also, your new cat won’t feel out of place as the only species in your human household! Also, cats learn from each other, so if one cat has an easier time settling in, this is a good example and reassurance for the other cat.

Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

5. Free up space for other cats in need

You will be freeing up two spots at fosterers’ homes for other cats in need. ARKC is in regular contact with a network of independent and kind fosterers who have opened their homes and hearts to heal, host and fund the recovery of rescued cats. There is a limit to how many cats one household can keep, and this is a temporary arrangement until the cats find permanent homes – hopefully, yours. ARKC actively seeks to connect potential adopters to the fosterers, according to Cat Welfare Society’s guidelines. ARKC posts the profiles of these cats on Facebook, Instagram and monthly adoption events.

Now that you have made the enlightened decision to adopt a pair, how should you choose?

Watch out for paired cats

Keep an eye out on ARKC’s Facebook and Instagram pages. There are plenty of bonded pairs looking for their forever homes. These pairs can be mother-child, cats who co-exist well or who were rescued together. You won’t have to worry about whether they will get along because only cats that have bonded are paired for adoption.

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash

Match cat personalities

If you already have a cat at home, choose a complementary personality. For example, if you have a hyperactive cat, get a less active cat that can keep up and engage, but not an equally hyperactive cat. Also, opposites don’t really attract. If you have a shy, timid cat at home, a hyperactive addition could stress her. Some good combinations are calm cat + calm cat, senior cat + calm younger cat or active kitten + active kitten to keep each other’s energy levels in check and channelled between them.

Photo by Sara Ferreira on Unsplash

Choose cats that are closer in age

Don’t assume your older, female cat has unmet maternal instincts and bring a kitten home to be mothered. The playfulness of a kitten may irritate the hisses out of your older cat and there is no guarantee they will fall into mother-child dynamic. Put yourself in your cat’s shoes. Picture yourself in your 70s, sitting in your favourite rocker chair, staring out windows all day. And then, they place a bawling, hyperactive, attention demanding toddler in your care. How would you feel?

Photo by Gena Okami on Unsplash

Consider personality over gender

Cats are sterilised before being put up for adoption and this helps with integration as they are less likely to act out of hormonal instinct or aggression. It is ok to get an FIV+ cat, as long as the FIV+ cat is not aggressive, or likely to attack your existing cat because scratches and bites will transmit the virus. Proximity, grooming each other and sharing food bowls will not transmit FIV to other felines.

Photo by Cédric VT on Unsplash

Now that you see the benefits of a 2-cat household, what’s next?

Adopt Rescue Kittens & Cat’s Adoption Procedures

  1. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages or join our adoption drives.
    Send us a message to indicate which pair of cats you would like to adopt.
  2. Fill out an adoption questionnaire.
  3. If found suitable, the rehomer will arrange for you to meet the cats at the fosterer’s home.
  4. If you decide to adopt and commit to the cats, yay! Next, arrange to catproof your house (eg, meshing, invisible grilles) for their safety. Note that your cats should be kept indoors for their  safety.
  5. After you have cat-proofed your home, the re-homer will visit your home to endorse or further advise on other hazardous areas in your home you may have missed. This is especially helpful for first time adopters.
  6. Next, the rehomer will bring the cat to your home. You will sign an adoption contract, in line with Cat Welfare Society’s guidelines.
  7. Congratulations! You and your cat live happily ever after!

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